Forging Time Reflections, Recipes, and Gardening Pontifications

  • Succession Plant and Protect Greens

    Coming October 2022
  • Bring In the Garden Veggies

      Coming October 2022
  • Dry It!

    Moving into our new home, we inherited four apple trees and three pear trees, all of which are prolific. We also live in an area abundant with fa...
  • Freeze It!

    Frozen quart bags of roasted green chilies, a southwestern delicacy, and 3 cup packages of blanched pear cubes for baking. I spend the summer g...
  • Pick and Pack Fruit!

      Coming October 2022
  • Can It!

    Canning can be fun and I do like to enjoy salsa in particular in the winter, but it is a commitment of time and energy and it is better with comp...
  • Make Pesto with It!

    Bright green carrot top pesto! Preserve the color with a little olive oil on top before you pop it in the freezer or the fridge. When I return ...
  • Directly Sowing Early Season Vegetable Seeds

    Coming March 2023
  • Reflecting on the March Garden

  • Starting Nightshades and Flowers Indoors

    Post Coming in March 2023
  • 2023 Year-Round Gardening Calendar User Guide

      Video Coming Soon!
  • Planting Berries: Raspberries

    Killarney raspberry bush well picked over by the kids but still heavy with fruit in mid-July. My new motto is, "When the world is warring, w...