Growing Avocado Trees Indoors

Since my 7-year-old makes me measure her every week in hopes she will graduate from her booster, she is 49 inches in this photo for scale.

Growing Avocados

It really isn't hard to have the desire to grow one's own avocados after learning about how Mexican drug cartels manipulate the market and take their cut from honest avocado farmers or after reading about the ways in which avocado farms in Chile are stealing all of the water from citizens. I love avocados; so does the rest of the family and so I continue to buy organic avocados from Mexico and California when available as boycotting them is complicated in this globalized world.

Cold-Hearty Avocado blossoms which began in January and are continuing into March but with no fruit to show for it :-(

Growing actual avocados, thus far, has proven to be a dream three to four years away. There are no signs of blooms from the Haas avocado though it really has put on a large number of leaves this past month. The blossoms from the cold-hearty avocado simply drop to the ground despite my impersonating a pollinator morning and night with my trusted paint brush. Patience grasshopper; the avocados too shall grow in their own time.

A healthy Hass avocado with no signs of flowering, yet.

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