Index: Gurus I Follow

There are so many good-hearted people in the world who can now share their passions with humanity via the world wide web as us Gen Xers call it. Here are just a few "gurus" that I follow who generously share their expertise in order to motivate and inspire through their blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels. I hope they bring you inspiration as well! (These are not affiliate links.)


Gardening Blogs

The Daily Garden

Any woman who can grow a purple cauliflower this size should be followed. Her blog features a "The Garden Word of the Day" and I am often learning new terms and new ways of growing favorite veggies and plants.


Skippy's Vegetable Garden

Kathy is a master gardener living in Zone 6 near Boston. She has bees, chickens, fruit trees and berry bushes and grows them all organically. There is a wealth of information here!

Creative Living and Growing with Bren Haas

Bren lives and grows in Ohio. She has a bio dome that I love to follow and she also offers recipes from the garden. She loves growing and sharing her creativity and is very enthusiastic about answering gardening questions!

Urban Gardens

Robin shares her love of gardening and plants through her designer lens. She offers ideas for sustainable gardening in smaller urban spaces from planting, to harvesting, to preparing, to sharing with friends and family in beautiful spaces.

Raise Your Garden

Laura offers composting advice, gardening tips, lawn and landscaping ideas, pest remedies DIY garden ideas, and plant recommendations on her blog. Her gardens are grown in western New York.


Gardening Podcasts

The Gardenangelists

Carol and Dee are evangelists for gardening and talk about their wins and losses in the garden on their podcast. Their passion for growing things is so palpable and it sounds like listening to your best gardening friends talk about life through the lens of the garden.


Blogs that Support Us to Forge Time

Mrs. Frugalwoods

Liz writes about a wide range of topics that support financial independence through frugality and rethinking how to allocate our limited funds to our values and aspirations, in my case gardening!